Siroflex Purifier

The UNI 3 Purifier not only eliminates the solid impurities of the water by a filter, but also absorbs and removes bad smells and tastes by making use of the active carbon to obtain water suitable for drinking and cooking at low cost. Especially effective against chlorine put in drinkable water. The UNI 3 Purifier also absorbs phenol, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, zinc and in less measure other components that are harmful to health, as has been proved from analysis carried out in German and Italian Laboratories. For an average family the cartridge lasts for 3 month. How will you know when to change the cartridge? Very simple; once you are used to the water free of any nasty taste you will immediately notice itís return, particularly the taste of chlorine. Therefore all you need to do is change the filtrating cartridge #2800.

  • Includes the well-known aerator swivel.
  • Fits any standard faucet inside or outside thread.
  • Easily portable for when you travel.
#2650 WHITE $35.00
#2800 Replacement Cartridge $10.00

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