Handheld shower

  • Wash yourself, your hair, your pet, or use just to save half an hour every time you clean the bathtub or shower stall. (Scrub it then just hose it down).
  • You have a choice, which shower to use through the Diverter-valve.
  • Both showers on the same pipe so nobody in the family has to sacrifice for the other.
  • Comes complete with all the connections you need. No need to run to the store for additional parts.

You have a choice of handle with large or small head. The larger head will of course cover a larger area, but I recommend the small head for a child or a pet that is “water shy.” They will love you for not using the spray feature, but only the aerated flow. If you mostly use it for yourself and like big coverage get the large head. Both come with an extra long hose so “they can’t get away on the other side of the tub.” Last but not least a shut off valve is built into the handle that you can operate with one hand. Note the water doesn’t shut off completely in the off position. It’s made this way for two reasons. To show you it’s not off at the faucet and to better maintain the same temperature when you turn it on again. Of course it’s just a very slow flow, a bit more than a trickle. Oh and I have to tell you about the non-tangle adapter on the handle. When the water pressure is on any hose it always seems to want to go in the opposite direction than you do. This non-tangle adapter takes that pressure off and makes holding the handle light and easy.

The whole kit with all these features for a mere $35.00

Special offer! Buy any 3 SIROFLEX products get one free!!!(Equal or lesser value)


  • Easy installation. Just screw it on. No teflon tape needed.
  • Makes you feel terrific. A solid spray pattern. No need for you to "hit the spot" to rinse off faster.
  • Try it! You'll love it!
White shower
Black shower
Ivory shower
      Price: $10.00 each.

Special offer! Buy any 3 SIROFLEX products get one free!!!(Equal or lesser value)

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